Inheritance Law

Qualified and soundly professional consultancy is especially decisive in inheritance law. The regulation of “inheritance matters” challenges the surviving partner and family members not only with the actual bereavement but also with considerable tax problems and specific payment obligations. Furthermore, the clarification of heirs or the assets included in the legacy have to be dealt with.

It is absolutely essential for companies to find a timely and intelligent regulation for successors in order to avoid liquidity problems which may endanger existence following death. Wohlleben and Partners develop solutions for the respective individual case taking tax matters and corporate components into consideration.

Wohlleben and Partners services cover advice in the drafting of wills and also of inheritance contracts as well as consultancy and representation in the event of succession and inheritance disputes. This sector also deals with the questions of support in the case of the preparation of lasting power of attorney and the power of attorney for health care or drafting a patient decree.

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