Lawyer Maud Gladen


Assistant: Ms Hornberger
Phone: +49 6763 30357-14
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Inheritance Law
specialist lawyer for Family Law
specialist lawyer for Employment Law

Companies value Maud Gladen’s competence and expertise in family and employment law. Through the informed and responsible design of contracts she is able to create preventative measures which secure company structures even in family crisis situations.

She contributes to company continuity in the future by optimizing marriage contracts, wills and inheritance contracts according to the clients’ requirements. Furthermore, she represents the interests of our clients efficiently and on a long-term basis in matters of family and inheritance law. She not only advises companies but also private persons can expect her to represent them with the very same single-mindedness and competence.

Ms Maud Gladen represents both employees and employers successfully in employment law matters.

Owing to her extensive experience she is also valued as a speaker in family law and inheritance law topics at numerous institutions and organizations.

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