Family Law

There is hardly a field of law which yields such a high potential for conflicts as family law. Trust and competence as well as the ability to mediate are particularly needed. Apart from any diverse legal disputes and repercussions separation of a marriage or custody battles may incur they also challenge the emotional, financial and personal aspects of family law. Increasingly the demands of cohabitation relationships need to be solved.

The activities of Wohlleben and Partners in family law cover preventative legal advice, such as the preparation of marriage contracts, support after separation and during divorce proceedings and over and above this the arrangement of separation and divorce agreements. Furthermore, we offer mediation procedures which aim to achieve amicable arbitration between the conflicting parties.

We focus on the regulation of:

• Settlement of assets

• Questions of alimony

• Questions of parental custody and visitation rights

• Enforcement of divorce proceedings

• Consulting in cohabitation relationships and partnerships

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