Lawyer Georg Wohlleben


Assistant: Ms Ertz
Phone: +49 6542 96326-26
Fax: +49 6542 96326-11
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specialist lawyer for Employment Law
specialist lawyer for Building and Architect Law

Our lawyer Georg Wohlleben is an efficient troubleshooter. He represents companies during difficult contract negotiations competently and in a success-orientated way.

Through optimal contract designing he lays down the groundwork for successful corporate activities. Moreover, he advises companies regarding efficient organisation and re-structuring.

Mr Wohlleben has outstanding experience resulting from numerous successfully conducted cases before labour courts and building law court cases. Many of the verdicts achieved by his court work have been published in trade journals.

Georg Wohlleben is in great demand as a speaker at numerous corporate seminars inter alia for the Construction Industry Association and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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