Wohlleben und Partner Insolvenzrecht

Insolvency Law

Dealing with insolvency proceedings is a particular challenge for both companies and their lawyers. Apart from profound in-depth knowledge of many aspects of the law entrepreneurial thinking and action is also one of the most important requirements to be able to firstly offer new perspectives to a company in the case of insolvency and also to implement all possibilities at the same time. Individual solutions are required demanding profound knowledge of corporate procedures and economic needs. Our lawyer, Mr Ingo Grünewald, has outstanding experience as a court-appointed insolvency administrator and trustee and is a competent consultant and representative of your interests in an economic crisis:

• Correct conduct in a company crisis

• Preparation of orderly insolvency proceedings

• Representation in insolvency proceedings

• Execution of out-of-court debt settlement procedures

• Induction of consumer insolvency procedures

• We also represent creditors in insolvency proceedings; in particular in the areas of:

• Contesting insolvency proceedings

• Loan collateral

• Professional debt collection

• Creditor rights during insolvency

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