Foreclosure Law

Foreclosure Law

Few areas of law are as complex and complicated as foreclosure law. At the same time foreclosure procedures are, however, extremely flexible even during the auction and up until the announcement of the acceptance decision and can be shaped and influenced by tactics.

We advise creditors, banks, potential bidders, owners, apartment or beneficial owners on the analysis of the dangers and risks prior to the auction and also assist on defining and implementing the optimal strategy within the framework of the auction procedure.

Priorities in foreclosure law are:

• Enforcement in real estate and co-ownership shares as well as compulsory partition by public auction

• Representation of interest at the auction and during revenue

• Risk analysis for potential bidders

• Implementation of right to appeal and defence against appeals in foreclosure procedures

• Negotiations for friendly settlement, termination and repeal of foreclosure procedures

• Registration of claims in foreclosure procedures

• Representation against the former owner as well as tenants after acceptance decision

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