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Assistant: Ms Abbas-Said
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Inheritance Law
specialist lawyer for Employment Law

Dr. Margit Bastgen has been specialised in employment law for over 35 years and possesses longstanding and unique experience in this field.

Her outstanding negotiating skills result in effective and fast out of court solutions. She demonstrates her assertiveness and tenacity in legally or genuinely difficult cases. Possessing a rich portfolio of exceptional life and professional experience she is able to develop creative ideas for her work as a specialist lawyer and is thus in a position to obtain the very best results for our clients.

Dr. Bastgen has already led and won numerous lawsuits from the first instance up to the Federal Labour Court. Through this fact she has gained a sizeable reputation and her work has also been the subject of national news coverage in the media.

Apart from pursuing consistent specialisation in labour law she has been advising and representing clients in other fields of the law, particularly in inheritance law, since 1980. Her legal expertise and experience is in great demand.

Ms Bastgen gives lectures at various organisations, associations and public law institutes. She offers companies suitable, individually customized and carefully prepared training courses and in-house training sessions.

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